01 April 2011

Day 91

From the outside, it looks like a normal box…..


Who could know that it serves as a carseat, crib, highchair, exersaucer, and more.  Yep, I’m the proud grandma of a bouncing baby egg named Ivy Nicole!  Isn’t she adorable?!!


GothGirl is in 4th grade this year and each student is given a hard-boiled egg to take care of for a week.  The kids draw a face with permanent marker, carry it home in its “carseat”, and then proceed to raise it like a baby.  They have to pretend to feed it, bathe it, and brush it’s teeth as well as play with it, etc.  Also, the egg cannot be left alone by itself so GothGirl has to arrange for Crockett or I to “egg”sit if she’s busy.  At night, the eggs get put to bed in the refrigerator (this is done to help prevent the egg from getting rotten and smelly).

GothGirl feeding her baby…..


Mommy & daughter….


GothGirl was so excited to get her egg.  That’s all the girls talked about for a week.  She thought long and hard about what to name her and got her crate ready for transport.  During the first night, GothGirl was very enamored with her egg; but now that Ivy has been home for a couple of days, the newness has worn off.  She’s not totally bored with the project, but it has certainly lost some of its appeal.  I’m glad that we have 5 more years before she has to bring home the life-like sensor baby.  Can’t even imagine her having to take care of a crying baby in the middle of the night (not to mention, all through the day).  Now let’s just hope we can get through the week without any cracks because cracks equal point deductions from their project grade!

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