19 April 2011

Day 109

As soon as Girls on the Run was over tonight, I picked up LilCrockett from his after care and we headed for home.  There was a storm front approaching and I didn’t want to be out in it.  A few years ago I was driving GothGirl to swim practice when a big storm blew in and I was racing across town trying to find shelter.  Unfortunately the pool is located on the less desirable side of town and that’s where we were when it hit.  Though it wasn’t safe to be driving in those circumstances, I didn’t see anywhere safe to even pull over.  There were no public buildings except for bars and such.  I kept driving (dodging small branches and limbs in the road along the way) and we finally made it to the pool.  At about that time the storm stopped of course.  But GothGirl and I were sufficiently scared.  I certainly never want to experience that again. 

Tonight we had plenty of time to get home and we even started dinner.  The storm began to approach so we all headed to the basement mainly because it was looking really ugly outside.  Crockett would venture upstairs every so often in order to check on dinner.  Well at one point I looked over at LilCrockett, who was lying on the couch, and noticed that he was sound asleep despite the fact that it was only about 6:15pm.  By this time, dinner was ready and the storm had passed, but we let him sleep.  As we were finishing up, he ventured upstairs.  a014

You’d think that a nap would have done him good, but LilCrockett is not like other kids.  He wakes up cranky and out of sorts and goes immediately into meltdown mode.  I try to encourage him to just lay back down and wake up slowly, but by then he’s already in a funk.  It takes awhile, but eventually he snaps out of it.  Waking up is sure hard to do!  And it didn’t help that he is battling a sinus infection.  I gave him a bath, he ate his dinner, and then he crashed again on the couch.  Poor guy!

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