25 April 2011

Day 115

I’ve actually skipped ahead a post.  Yesterday was Easter and I have a ton of photos to look through and edit, so I’m doing today’s post first since there is a single picture.  I’ll go back and add yesterdays post in the next day or two. 

The Easter Bunny brought baskets of goodies for the kids yesterday morning and one of the gifts he included was a freezer pop holder filled with jelly beans.  Simply empty out the beans and you can create your own popsicles  The kids couldn’t wait to try it out: GothGirl added root beer to hers and LilCrockett wanted strawberry lemonade.  The popsicles were done tonight and the kids ate them after they got home from Passage (school was closed today).  Since I don’t get near enough photos as I’d like of GothGirl, I made her be the model.


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