17 April 2011

Day 107

LilCrockett waited all day for the Easter egg hunt that was scheduled for this afternoon.  The time finally arrived and we climbed in the car for the 15 minute ride to a small neighboring town.  Once there, we scouted out where we needed to be.  Then they announced the start.  LilCrockett took off.  We had taught him the same strategy that we had taught GothGirl when she was young: head to the back of the area immediately and work back towards everyone else.  That way, you’re not fighting everyone around you for the same eggs.  It worked great, though he wasn’t nearly as speedy as GothGirl was at his age.  I think it might have had something to do with the fact that he had fallen asleep in the car on the way over and was not quite fully awake.



The eggs he found are in the basket.  Wish I’d gotten an inside shot.  Despite there being both blue and pink eggs on the course, he only picked up the blue ones.  After the hunt, the kids each got a raffle ticket as well as a cookie and a drink.  They were raffling off 50 baskets and it took awhile to get through the numbers.  LilCrockett was hanging out with a couple of boys from his class and they soon grew bored of paying attention and decided to attack a downed tree limb instead.  Unfortunately neither of our kids won a basket, so we went home empty handed.


After the hunt, the weather was so much better than yesterday that we spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  GothGirl had finished a school project the day before and I wanted to get a picture of it before she turned it in.  The 4th graders were tasked with making a historic 3-D transportation vehicle (canoe, boat, wagon, etc.) using natural (wood, cloth, or paper) materials.  She chose to do a flat bottom boat.  Crockett helped her construct it from popsicle sticks.  I think it turned out pretty good.



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