20 April 2011

Day 110

I don’t often stage photo shoots.  I’m not a professional photographer and for the most part, I’m just trying to get some good candid shots of my kids.  But tonight I pushed the envelope a little bit.  After work, the kids had their usual Wednesday night t-ball practice and guitar lessons, after which we met back at home for dinner (leftover meatloaf in mushroom sauce = yum!).  Then Crockett drilled LilCrockett on his sight words, GothGirl did the dishes, and I gathered some stuff for our Girl Scout meeting tomorrow.  That probably would have been enough for one evening, but I had promised the kids that we would paint our wooden Easter eggs.  This was a tradition that we started about the time that LilCrockett was born; but sadly, we hadn’t done it in several years. 

I was considering doing the painting in our dining room or down in the basement, but just couldn’t get excited about the lighting (or the messy house that would have been noticeable in the background of the photos).  So, we brought all our supplies outside to the patio table.  The light, about an hour before sunset on the shaded side of the house, was perfect.  You might be thinking what’s so bad about this scenario.  Well, it was actually pretty chilly out, but I decided that we would brave the cold for the sake of getting some good photos.  Models do it after all.  Ha!  I did wonder if I was crossing some sort of line, but considering the fact that the kids had been outside playing a little earlier and the fact that I was out there with them the whole time, I think it was an acceptable decision.  And after seeing the resulting photos, I was happy I made that call.





Before we finished for the night, I had Crockett take a photo of the kids and I.  Since he is not familiar with using the manual settings on my camera, he shot in automatic mode.  The result is not so great as the flash was triggered.  Not a bad photo, but definitely not as great as those shot above in manual (no flash).  Still, I’m glad that he captured me in a photo with my kiddos. 


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