12 April 2011

Day 102

Today was a milestone birthday for me…..my 40th.  Many of my friends get depressed on their birthdays, but not me.  I’ve always loved celebrating and age doesn’t bother me.  The day started off with birthday greetings from Crockett & the kids and also a phone call from my mom. 

It was a work day for me and we bring in treats on our birthday, so I hauled in a carrot cake & some chocolate eclairs (from Sam’s Club).  When I got to work, my friends had decorated my cubicle with signs, banners, & balloons.  This is standard operating procedure for those who hit a milestone birthday, so I was definitely expecting it.  Happily I didn’t get a cubicle full of balloons or confetti or packing peanuts (that’s been done before).  It was just the right amount of decorations.  Here’s how it looked when I got there (note the walker in the entryway!):


One of my coworkers brought in some homemade blueberry scones too, so it was quite a little birthday feast.


After work, my family took me out to my favorite restaurant for a birthday dinner….Bella Milano.  They have the most delicious salads (with yummy pancetta) & bread and their lasagna is to die for. 



We had a good time and the kids were well behaved.  GothGirl had fettucine alfredo, LilCrockett had toasted ravioli, and Crockett had lasagna too.    




Afterwards, we headed back to our house for dessert.  The neighbors were able to join us after all and Mary snapped this photo of me with the kids and my cake (white cake with white icing).  It was a great day spent with great people.  And to think, my real party is yet to come.  My family is hosting a 40th birthday party for me later on in the month (the only time our schedules would allow on a weekend).  I’m hoping that lots of friends and family will stop by!


All photos taken with my iPhone except the last one. 

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