04 April 2011

Day 94

No pictures today.  After work, I had to help 2 other moms prepare a themed gift basket for our kids’ kindergarten class.  Every year our school puts on a Spring Fling Festival and Auction to raise money for the extra school items.  It’s the school’s biggest fundraiser and last year’s money was spent on improving technology.  Each class donates a gift basket for the auction using items purchased by parents.  Our themed basket was Ice Cream.  It included an ice cream maker, fun plastic tableware, and every topping imaginable as well as Baskin Robbins gift certificates and a Ben & Jerry’s homemade ice cream recipe book.  It turned out super cute, but I failed to take a picture.  We spent the entire evening shopping for the items (at 2 stores), putting the basket together and wrapping it, and creating a cute itemized flyer to go with it.  I was so happy to get it done that I forgot all about taking a photo.  My friend Lisa took one but it’s on my iphone and not that stellar of a photo anyway.  Here’s an image of our flyer though, created by yours truly:


Anyway, I took these photos last night at LilCrockett’s basketball awards ceremony.  Held at the same church where the basketball games are held, the event is a fun way to honor the kids and wrap up the season.  First the cheerleaders come out and do a routine.  Then they sit in 2 lines at one end of the stage.


Then they announce each player on every team.  As the players are announced, they run through the rows of cheerleaders to the opposite end of the stage.  Meanwhile, a photo of the team is displayed on the large screens above for everyone to see.  That’s LilCrockett on the far left (leaning over to check out the cheerleaders, I bet)!


This basketball leagues has tons of teams and since we were one of the first teams announced, it was a bit of a wait to get through the remaining teams.  At one point, I was a little bored and decided to experiment with taking a photo of the stage lights overhead.  Imagine my surprise at how well they turned out on the first try!


Following the player introductions, they handed out several awards for overall sportsmanship and then thanked all of the coaches and volunteers.  After the awards ceremony was over, everyone gathered in the cafeteria for cookies & punch. 

This was LilCrockett’s first year of playing a team sport and I’m glad we started with the Upwards Basketball League.  It is a Christian-based league that focuses on good sportsmanship and Christ-like behavior.  They don’t keep score at games and don’t allow things like stealing, etc.  Kids are paired agains with equal ability opponents and teams are kept small so that kids can improve their skills without the cut-throat nature that is involved with many local sports leagues.  Plus, they announce each player at the beginning of every game.  And for about the same price as any other sports league, they offer so much more. 

  • Full, reversible 3-piece uniform (not just a cheap t-shirt)
  • Playing cards with a weekly devotion & skill set
  • Iron-on stars for the uniform for each practice & game attended
  • Basketball
  • Small prizes at each game for 1 lucky winner
  • Upwards CD, magnet, & window cling
  • Awards ceremony

What can I say….I’m impressed!

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