06 April 2011

Day 96

Tonight LilCrockett’s basketball team met at a local pizza place to have one final celebration.  To express our thanks, I made this card for the coach and included a gift card to a local ice cream shop.

I used to take tons of photos of my papercraft projects when I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for use on my stamping blog; but now that I don’t sell the products anymore, I don’t tend to take pictures of my work.  I was particularly pleased with this card.  It had been a long time since I designed a card when I created one for my neighbor’s husband last week.  Unfortunately that card was not one of my favorites.  It seemed as if I had lost my mojo.  But then this card came together so easily tonight and I love how it turned out, especially since it’s a guy card (a style that I struggle with). 


At the pizza place, the kids were crazy rambunctious.  They were running all over the place (luckily we had the upper loft to ourselves), giggling, and having a great time.  Most of my photos turned out poorly due to the bad lighting, but I did manage to snap this one of LilCrockett & 2 of his teammates and the following photo with his coach.  Sometimes you just have to resort to using automatic camera settings and a flash.  Note: I then edited the photos in Photoshop to done down the awful glare from the flash and boost the colors.  While not my best photos, they will work in a pinch (or on a scrapbook page).



The end of basketball season if very bittersweet.  I’m happy to not have the commitment, but sad that I won’t be watching LilCrockett play anymore.  He did so awesome this year!  And though he will likely play next year, it won’t be the same as this year since this was his first time playing ever. 

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