16 April 2011

Day 106

Today’s weather (cold, super windy, & rainy) was so crummy that we spent most of the day inside.  I cleaned and did some organizing projects around the house.  Certainly nothing fun to photograph.  However, in the afternoon, the kids went over to our neighbors’ house to play.  We called over at dinnertime to have them come home to eat, but they were invited to eat there.  So Crockett and I took advantage of the situation and had a nice little mini date at home.  The meal (grilled mahi mahi and asparagus) was delicious and we paired it with some Moscato d’Asti.  Yum!  As good as the food was, I think I enjoyed the quietness and alone time with my hubby even more!  And how cute that the mahi mahi is heart-shaped…perfect for an impromptu romantic meal.


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