22 April 2011

Day 112

Today is Crockett’s birthday.  He turned 43.  After work, I caught him relaxing in the recliner.  As soon as he sat down, our cat Kenai came over looking for a lap.  Kenai is all about Crockett lately.  He likes nothing better than lying on his lap, etc.  Note how the cat is giving me a look that says “hurry up and take the darned photo so I can get on with my nap.” 


Shortly after this photo was taken, Crockett called me outside to take some photos of LilCrockett playing with the wheelbarrow, which was full of rain water at first.  The next series of shots are of him tipping it over and playing around.





After dinner, we had the neighbors over for pineapple upside down cake (Crockett’s favorite) and ice cream.  Before we lit the candles, I had them take a photo of our family.  I used Photoshop to take out a few distracting things in the background.  If the BBQ grill were smaller, I would have Photoshop’d it out too.


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