14 April 2011

Day 104

Today was my day to coach Girls on the Run, so I headed to the school after work.  We had a great lesson & workout as usual.  One of the best parts of coaching is getting to know the girls better.  They really brighten my day.  Here’s GothGirl in between laps.


We start and end our GOTR lessons in one of the coaches’ classrooms (she’s a teacher at the school).  The kindergarten classes have been incubating chicks and so I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the new babies after we finished our lesson.  Coach Kelly’s classroom only had 4 of their 15 eggs hatch, compared to LilCrockett’s class which had 11 hatch.  I think they are oh so cute! 


Next, we left the classroom and stopped by the after care to pick up LilCrockett, then the 3 of us drove to the high school which is in a neighboring town.  We were there to see our neighbor Ambo play soccer.  Though she only got to play for a little while, we enjoyed watching her.  We also stayed to watch the varsity game as my cousins’ 2 girls are on the team as well as a friends’ daughter.  We left before it was over though because it got really windy and cold.  My teeth were chattering by the time we left.  I failed to get a photo of Ambo while she was playing, but I managed to get her to pause for a minute afterwards so I could snap a photo with my phone. 


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