15 April 2011

Day 105

For starting out kind of pourly, today turned out to be a really good day.  I headed in to work as normal. I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 10:15, I wasn’t feeling that great, and it was my short day (normally off at 3pm), so I just decided to take the afternoon off.  The local Salvation Army, which is located near my doctor’s office, was having their annual book sale.  In about an hour, I walked out the door with 2 big bags filled with books.  I ended up with 31 books for under $14.  For this book lover, this was a great deal especially since the majority of the books were hardbacks.  Can’t wait to get started on these:


On my way home from the book sale, I took the back way into my neighborhood to check out the annual neighborhood garage sales.  The sale hadn’t officially started yet but there were quite a few houses open already.  A few hours later, I went home with quite a haul including some clothes for the kids.  LilCrockett was especially thrilled with his new duds and had to put them on immediately.  Everything he’s wearing was a garage sale find from today, including 3 shirt layers.  Soon after, he ran outside to play on our swing and I followed behind to get some shots, which turned out to be some of my favorites even though the colors in my photos look more vibrant than in this post.  The last one is my favorite! 






Next, I went inside to snap some photos of the flowers that my neighbors got me for my birthday.  I wanted to capture them at their peak.  The yellow of the flowers against my red wall was stunning.


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