21 April 2011

Day 111

We held our monthly Junior Girl Scout meeting at my house tonight and we worked on finishing up some activities for the Looking Your Best badge.  Out of all the things we did, I think the girls enjoyed these 2 activities the most:

Color Swatch

We determined which colors complimented each girl the best.  One by one, we had the girls stand up and we draped various colored fabrics across their upper torso for comparison.  Here are a few snapshots of GothGirl on the hot seat.  Her best colors are dark ones: black, burgandy, red, etc. I guess the blog nickname I gave her really suits her! 




We paired the girls up by drawing names and had them spread out in the basement.  Each girl got to “fix” their partner’s hair using her partner’s hair accessories.  We had an odd number of girls, so my co-leader helped out.  It was quickly determined that she is quite talented with hairstyles, especially braids; so most of the girls had her do their hair after the partner styling was over.  Luckily Beth loves to do hair!  Here is one of her fishbone braids. 


GothGirl starting to style her partner’s hair.  She is like me….not very talented in this skill.


GothGirl and her partner sporting their “hippie” hairstyles.  These two happen to share the same first name and only live a few houses from each other.  They also take guitar lessons & do Girls on the Run together and played on the same volleyball team this past winter. 


GothGirl after Beth had french-braided her hair.  Wish I’d gotten a shot of the back.


Note: all of these photos were taken in my dark basement (we keep it dimmer than most basements) and all are straight-out-of-camera (SOCC) with no editing.  Flash was a necessity due to the lighting conditions.

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