27 April 2011

Day 117

Just a quiet night around the house.  I worked with LilCrockett on sight words and then we read some books together.  For doing such a good job, I told him he could pick a game to play.  His choice was Candyland.  GothGirl wanted to play along too.  We got two games in (GothGirl won both) and then Crockett got home, so we played a family round.  LilCrockett was the winner of the final game and he was so excited.  He started yelling, “I won, I won!!!” and then he jumped up and landed in a split position.  It was absolutely hilarious!  That boy does not like to lose and he LOVES to win (don’t we all!).


I love LilCrockett’s little side grin in this photo and the fact that you can see our cat Kenai sleeping in his bed in the background.  Too bad GothGirl wasn’t smiling more.

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