28 April 2011

Day 118

The best part of spring is all the new life sprouting from the ground.  I love plants and flowers, especially as they are just starting to sprout or bloom.  Just don’t ask me to identify species.  Even if I purchase a plant from the store and have the tag that tells me what it is, I will likely forget the name by the next year.  I know the basics, like

Tulips, and




And I even know the Japanese Maple (though I had to confirm with my husband).


But don’t ask me what this one is, despite the fact that it’s one of my favorite plants.  I don’t have a clue as to what it’s called.  But know that I’m a sucker for grasses, especially those that produce little flowers. 


So much new life in my yard….it makes me happy!

There are some other things in my life that are growing like weeds too.  Kids!  Here are my 2 playing with the neighbor girl on their “high” swing.  The little girl is our neighbor’s niece and she also happens to be in LilCrockett’s kindergarten class.  They had a fun time hanging out together tonight.






Love watching these kids grow!

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