09 April 2011

Day 99

Today we took a road trip to Indianapolis.  Our friends from Alaska were visiting their in-laws there and since Indy is a lot closer to us than Alaska, we made the 3-hour drive over to see them.  We visited with them for several hours at the in-laws house before the kids got antsy, at which point we decided to take a break to check into our hotel and let the kids swim for awhile before meeting up for dinner.  Despite the low light conditions, I managed to get a couple of good photos of the kids in the pool.  All I can say is thank heavens for Photoshop Actions though.  Without this particular action (Icing), my photos would have been below average.




After swimming, we met up at Texas Roadhouse to eat dinner.  LilCrockett was tired and cranky by the end due to the 1-hour time difference, so we had to leave quicker than planned.  As a result, I failed to get a photo of our friends.  I was really bummed. 

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