30 May 2011

Day 150

We spent the morning packing, having one last swim in the pool, and saying our goodbyes.  We weren’t on the road long before LilCrockett conked out.  He had developed some allergies over the weekend and he coughed a lot at night.  The lack of sleep coupled with tons of activity made him super tired. 


He woke up after a couple of hours and was in a funk (he wakes up really hard) and at about that time, we were nearing a rest area.  We decided he needed a distraction, so we pulled in.  A Christian motorcycle group was there passing out snacks to holiday travelers.  One of the guys was even making balloon animals for the kids.  LilCrockett wanted a sword and GothGirl picked a turtle.  It was such a treat, especially for just-woke-from-a-nap-and-I’m-grumpy LilCrockett.  




Once we got home, we unloaded the car (which took quite awhile) and then relaxed in the backyard with the neighbors.  A great ending to a great weekend!

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