16 May 2011

Day 136

Though LilCrockett’s first baseball game was cancelled on Saturday due to rain, he didn’t have to wait long.  Tonight was game 2 and it was a beautiful night (though a bit nippy).  We had to be at the ball diamonds a little early so that left plenty of time for us to stake some spots with our camp chairs and open my camera bag to get set up.  What did I see when I opened up the bag…..a spare lens and NO camera.  I about fell over.  Here it is LilCrockett’s first baseball game ever and I had forgotten the camera at home.  I could have been crushed, but I quickly regrouped and told myself that this is only game one of a bazillion games and there are still plenty more left in this season only.  And the great thing is that I was able to sit back and enjoy the game rather than worry about getting the perfect shots.  It was quite relaxing.  I might have to forget my camera at all his first games in the future!

But alas, I didn’t go completely picture-free.  I had my iPhone and here are a few shots from the evening. 

Here’s LilCrokett in red on first base.


There are 3 innings in a game.  During the first inning, LilCrockett played outfield (though they keep them pretty much in the far infield since none of the kids can bat into the outfield yet).  Then during the second inning, he was told he could play catcher.  You should have seen his eyes light up at getting to wear all the cool gear!  He actually didn’t do a whole lot as catcher but sit there.  He would get the few balls that rolled right to him, but that was it.  They didn’t want him to get up and chase balls as they wanted to make sure he stayed far away from the batter to avoid accidentally getting hit. 



After the game, I got a few shots of LilCrockett and a friend (and fellow teammate) hanging out in the yard.  These were taken with my Canon.




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