11 May 2011

Day 131

No time to take pictures yet again today.  After school, I had to pick GothGirl up and take her to guitar lessons.  Then I came home and walked on the treadmill while she finished up some homework.  We both grabbed a quick dinner in the kitchen and then went down to my craft room to stamp some paper sacks.  My Girls on the Run group has to complete a community service project and they chose to make treat bags for all the teachers and staff at the school.  I volunteered to bring in the decorated sacks, which the girls filled with candy, office supplies (markers, pens, post it note pads, clips, etc.), and granola bars.  They also made a flower pen to put in each bag.  After the bags were filled, we delivered them throughout the school.  All of the teachers were gone for the day, so they would see their surprises first thing in the morning.  Photos taken with my phone.

Due to the lack of photos for today, I’d like to wrap up with the final photos taken on Sunday at the orchard.   The theme for this year’s Team Quest finals was Route 66.  The organizers brought in an old Chevy Impala convertible for the event and housed it in one of the barns.  The kids were told some things about the car and then were later tested on the material that was covered.  At the end of the day when the kids were all occupied with other events, I got the chance to take some photos of the car by itself.  Since classic cars have such neat features, I knew there was the possibility of getting some good photos.  Luckily I shot a few at some great angles and I love how they turned out after final editing. 





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