10 May 2011

Day 130

I didn’t take any photos today with my Canon.  Instead, I spent the evening bonding with my beautiful daughter.  GothGirl needed some clothes so we did a little shopping.  Next, we stopped for dinner…her choice was Noodles & Co.  She got her favorite Buttered Noodles with spices and I got the Chinese Chop Salad.  Both dishes were really yummy and we had a great time together.  I love hanging out with my girl.  Photos courtesy of my iPhone:



While we were doing our thing, the boys were fishing at a local lake.  They had a fabulous time too.  Then again, LilCrockett is happiest anytime he can be outside hangin’ with his dad!  Here’s a photo of him with one of the biggest bluegills of the day.  Note: I was losing light fast by the time they got home, so I had to snap this photo in Auto using flash.


Finally, I wanted to share some photos that I took yesterday at the Guten Tag Orchard (Home of the Team Quest State Finals) near Chester, IL.  It seems an odd location to hold these finals; but then again, it was a wonderful setting.  Groups of teams would rotate through the various outbuildings to perform the different events of the day.  I particularly enjoyed it because there wasn’t a lot to do while the kids were “in session”, so the grounds made for an interesting backdrop.  At one point, I walked down the country lane back towards the pond to take some photos.  I loved the rustic barns and such and was happy to get some great shots.   








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