13 May 2011

Day 133

I came into the living room this morning and had to chuckle.  LilCrockett had been playing with his GI Joes and this is what I saw (remember this is the work of a 6 year old, so try to keep your mind out of the gutter since some of these guys are sans clothes):


This guy was hanging on by the strap of his weapon….


This guy was quite the contortionist, hanging on by his toes…


And these guys were showing off as well…


Question: Why do kids like to undress their action figures?  GothGirl used to do the same thing with her Barbies.  I’m guessing it’s because the clothes are hard to get off and on and are easily misplaced.  Too bad they don’t all have painted on undergarments like some of the GI Joes!

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