17 May 2011

Day 137

Today I’m going to share a few photos of the plants and some other landscaping features in our yard.  These were taken both last night and tonight.

Coneflowers are so beautiful.  I saw this sparsely-petaled bloom tucked underneath a bunch of stems and leaves.  And besides the shortage of petals, it was dull in color as well.  Kind of reminds me of a Charlie-brown Christmas tree…so ugly, it’s cute!  


I am a turtle-lover, so I just had to get this hose guide when we saw it in the store a few years ago.  It still makes me smile!


And finally a shot of an unknown plant in my front flowerbed.  Anyone know what this is?  Whatever it is, it’s a beauty.  I love grass-like plants that bloom!  This one’s gray/sage-colored stems are gorgeous next to the pink blossoms.


Later this evening, the kids went for a walk down to the neighborhood pond with the neighbor girls.  They came back awhile later and yelled at us to come outside.  They had found a little friend…



Ambo took her chance at kissing the frog, but unfortunately no prince appeared.  I think she was hoping for Taylor Lautner anyway!


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