29 May 2011

Day 149

GothGirl, Crockett, and I took a drive down to the river this morning.  We found a turtle on a backroad and I made GothGirl pose for a picture.  My brother found 2 turtles the day before along the road and he brought them back to the campground for the kids to see.  We released all turtles back into the wild after checking them out.



Feeding the fish at the Bennett Springs State Park Fish Hatchery…



The cicadas were thick in Missouri.  I snapped this photo of a nearly emerged nymph.  They are kinda creepy, but fortunately the kids were not scared of them….both of my kids were picking them up left and right.  For more information on the emergence sequence of a cicada, click HERE.


For dinner, we fixed grilled scallops (pictured), shrimp, and pork loin.  So delicious and my kind of camp food. 


While we were waiting for dinner to cook, the little kids did a little coloring around the picnic table.


My mom’s camping neighbors have a hummingbird feeder and tonight just before dark, there were approximately 16 hummingbirds visiting.  I’ve never seen so many of them in one place before and crazily enough, they weren’t fighting.  They would patiently wait for a spot to open up.  I tried to get a photo but the light was low and their wings move so fast, that I wasn’t able to get one with the birds in focus.  This is only a handful of the large number that were there. 


After we watched them for awhile, my mom’s friends told us that they would come up to the feeder if we were close by.  So, I went and put a finger underneath one of the feeder petals and after waiting a few minutes, they started to come up.  Soon, there was one hovering right over my finger.  It was AMAZING – you could feel the wind from their wings and I could touch the belly of one.  Probably one of the most incredible nature experiences of my life!  The sun was nearly down by this time, so the photo is super grainy and dark.


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