05 May 2011

Day 125

Crockett was gone tonight, so the kids and I grabbed some take-out and headed for home for an impromptu picnic while watching a family movie.  We watched Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and it was fantastic.  I’ve enjoyed all of the Narnia movies and I love that it’s something we can all watch together.  Some would argue against it, but I do see some religious connotations in the movie. 

While we were watching the movie, the sun was shining in our big picture window and was hitting each of the kids beautifully, so I couldn’t resist snapping some photos. 

A backlit shot of LilCrockett…


A front lit shot of GothGirl….


Camera update: due to the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, Canon and its retailers are sold out of nearly every model of camera.  As a result there is an increased demand and a correlating spike in prices.  Looks like I will be waiting awhile (who knows how long) before I can get my new camera.  While a big part of me is finding it very hard to be patient, I’m reminding myself that toys and trinkets are nothing compared to the devastation that Japan and its people have experienced.  My heart goes out to them. 

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