23 May 2011

Day 143

Tonight was Middle School Orientation night and at the start of the event, the 4th graders were going to sing a song.  The neighbors volunteered to watch LilCrockett so the night would be all about GothGirl.  I opted to take the point and shoot camera as I wasn’t sure how good the lighting would be and if there would be many opportunities for taking photos.  In hindsight, I wish I’d taken my Canon instead as the lighting was great and my point and shoot battery died after taking 2 photos.  Ugh!  It turns out that the kids were on stage longer than I expected too.  They all had to learn how to play the recorder and so they put on a mini concert for us.  Each class got to play a new song and then all 5 classes would play it together.  So, the kids were on stage for a total of 11 songs (10 playing the recorder and 1 singing). 

Here are some pics from my point and shoot and my iphone (which I pulled out when the camera died).  You can barely see GothGirl as she is in the next to last row (wearing a turquoise shirt & wearing glasses).

033  053

And so you can enjoy their musical talents, I thought I’d post some video.  A first on this blog.

Recorder Fun!


Singing Fun!

Cute, huh?!!

After the concert, we heard from the Middle School principal & teachers.  Then we were released to check out the 5th grade classrooms and the rest of the school.  GothGirl pretty much ditched us to pal around with her friends, but we were close on their heels and I made them pose for a picture.  These girls are so excited to start Middle School in the fall.  Me, I’m a little sad that they are growing up so fast.


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