09 May 2011

Day 129

You may recall from a previous post that GothGirl’s team qualified for the State Finals in the Team Quest Academic Challenge.  Today was the final event and it was held 3 hours south of us in Chester, IL (home of Popeye!).  There were events in Engineering, Creativity, Music, Math, Trivia, Teamwork, etc.  Parents can really only watch from afar, but I snapped a few photos throughout the day.  Keep in mind that the event was held in various outbuildings at a country orchard, so the lighting was not very good.  There were 18 teams at the event and sadly, GothGirls' team did not make the top 5.  I wanted to get a team photo at the end, but she was too sad.  Despite not placing, we are VERY proud of her accomplishments.  We love, Sweetie and you will always be our #1.






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