08 May 2011

Day 128

Today was Mother’s Day, but it felt just like any other day.  I spent the morning with LilCrockett since GothGirl was at a sleepover.  We picked her up mid-morning and when we got home, she wanted to clean.  I had already cleaned the bathrooms, so I suggested that we clean the windows.  Crockett was still down working flood command duty and wasn’t expected home until mid-afternoon, so I figured we might as well get something done while we were waiting for him.  But he surprised us and came home early.  We got about half-way done with the windows (did I mention that we have 12 windows on our house!) and GothGirl defected to the neighbors’ house to help them put together a metal tiki bar that they had given their mom for Mother’s Day.  I was left to finish up myself, but was glad to have them done because my windows were crazy dirty. 

While I was doing windows, Crockett decided to tackle the bushes in our backyard.  They were a little overgrown and needed some shaping.  Seems like all of our flower beds are overgrown and need of some attention this year.   


Meanwhile, this is what the cat was doing….


When dinnertime came, we pooled dishes with the neighbors and had a great impromptu Mother’s Day meal: pork loin, cheesy potato casserole, green bean casserole, applesauce, and layered pudding. 

Due to all the fresh air and outdoor activity, we were tired and so we went inside around 7:00pm.  I got busy on the computer and looked up at about 7:45pm to see this.  If you look closely, you’ll see LilCrockett’s hands area clasped together between his legs.  


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