24 March 2011

Day 83

Today was all about the girls.  First, I coached Girls on the Run after school got out.  Here’s a shot of Coach Kelly giving the girls their lap instructions.   


After we got home, it was time for Girl Scouts.  Though I am a co-leader, I was in charge of the meeting tonight, so I didn’t get much chance to take photos.  Here’s a shot of the girls at the end of the night listening to my co-leader wrap up.  I didn’t have the right lens on, so there was barely enough room for me to back-up enough to get most of the girls in the shot.  Though I wasn’t sure how the pictures would look, there were a few good ones.  I like this one because GothGirls’ head is in focus and the rest of the girls are visible, but blurry due to Depth-of-Field.  It’s a little more art-y looking that I expected and that’s why I like it.  


By the end of the night, I was quite giggled out.  10 year old girls are so silly!

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