19 March 2011

Day 78

Seems like a broken record, but it was another day of basketball for us.  There was no volleyball game though, which was nice.  I hate having lots of scheduled activities every weekend.  Though it’s fun to watch the kids, I like having less on the agenda for a change.

Here’s LilCrockett waiting for a rebound.  It’s actually funny to see.  Once someone shoots, nearly all the kids are raising their hands waiting to catch the ball.  It reminds me of little baby birds waiting for their mom to bring food.  Very cute!  LilCrockett is actually one of the faster and aggressive players on the team, so he gets the rebound quite often.


Before and after the basketball game, we spent the day doing odd jobs around the house.  We had amassed quite a list of things to be done, so we set out to cross some of them off.  I’m happy to report that by the end of the weekend, we had eliminated a lot of tasks.  Love when that happens. 

One of the tasks on my list was to finish hemming some of our pants.  I started this task a few weeks back, but then my sewing machine broke.  I took it into the shop for repairs and a good tune-up/cleaning.  It had been years since I’d had that done.  Now that it’s back though, it was time to get back to hemming.  I set out the stack of pants on the kitchen table near my sewing machine and got to work on a pair of pants.  Before long, I looked up and this is what I saw.


I’ve told you before that Kenai cannot resist laying on things….backpacks, newspaper, bookbags, and (evidently) stacks of pants!  Maybe he was just trying to give me an excuse not to do them.  But unfortunately, I gave him the boot when I needed the next pair. 

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