08 March 2011

Day 67

I didn’t get around to taking any pictures tonight either…..well, no great quality pictures anyway.  After school, we had our first Girls on the Run session and I am a coach.  Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera along.  I did take some photos with my iphone, but we were indoors due to rain and so the poor lighting coupled with moving girls didn’t make for great pictures. 

As soon as GothGirl and I got home from our fun afternoon, we all hopped in the car to drive down to see my cousin’s new little baby.  Once again, I forgot my camera.  We were part-way into our 45 minute drive when I remembered the camera was at home.  Late already, we didn’t have time to turn back for it.  That’s OK though because it was pitch dark when we got there and the lighting was low in the house for the baby so my pictures would not have turned out great there either. 

So, I thought I’d share some photos I took of LilCrockett last Friday when the kids rode the bus home from school.  We have a large mimosa tree in our yard and the branches are perfect for climbing, which is just what LilCrockett decided to do that day.  Most of the photos I took turned out great and so I decided to post a bunch of them.  Love that natural light!







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