23 March 2011

Day 82

I lucked out and got some more shots of GothGirl today.  It wasn’t intentional, but necessary.  She had an appointment at the eye doctor.  I wanted him to see her because she has been hard blinking since December.  I figured it was likely just a harmless habit; but since it hadn’t gone away, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a physical reason for her doing it.  My mom actually helped encourage the visit.  On Tuesday night, I told GothGirl that she had an appointment for the next day and she surprised me by saying that she has been having a little trouble seeing her teachers’ writing on the blackboard (GothGirl sits in the back of the class) whenever her teacher writes small and/or in cursive.  This was news to me.

So we get to the appointment and they do the regular eye exam tests.  Like me, she was not fond of the pressure test where they blow air into your eyeball.  (I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get a 1,000 papercuts on my fingers than do that test!)  Then they had her read the eye chart.  Not good.  One eye was particularly bad.  The assistant kept having to dial up the numbers bigger and bigger so she could read it.  I was sitting by GothGirl and couldn’t believe that she was having that much difficulty.  At this point, I knew glasses were going to be a reality.  So, I figured I had better document the rest of the visit with some photos for a future scrapbook page.  Luckily, I had my iphone with me. 

It turns out that GothGirl is nearsighted (like me).  The doctor told her that she needs to wear her glasses at school and when she’s out and about, but gave her the option of not wearing them when she’s at home reading or on the computer, etc. 

After the exam….waiting to get her eyes mapped with the OptiMap machine.


Looking at the selections.


Her new specs!  Well, she doesn’t have them yet as they are on order.  I’ll post pictures once we get them in hand.  (Note: the black spec by her left eye is the brand sticker for the glasses). 


I was worried that she would be upset at having to wear glasses, but she’s actually very excited.  I think she likes the new-ness of it and the attention.  Hopefully she won’t hate them in a few weeks!

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