18 March 2011

Day 77

I mentioned here before that my mom gifted LilCrockett with a pair of John Deere boots for his birthday.  And though he does LOVE the boots, he’s had a lot of fun playing with the box they came in as well.  You see, this was no ordinary shoe box.  This shoe box turns into a 3-D barn.  It’s really the coolest thing.  And what’s most surprising is that LilCrockett has yet to destroy it.  It’s unbelievable how destructive boys can be!


If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s actually more to the picture.  This box also sparked some creativity in my little boy.  Those Army men didn’t actually come attached.  Who says soldiers can’t use a barn to launch an attack?!! 


And why limit your creativity.  Who says a 3-D barn has to remain a barn.  Perhaps it would make a great hat or hide-out instead, Army men and all!


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