07 March 2011

Day 66

I didn’t get around to taking any pictures tonight after work.  Instead, I went for a walk/run and then spent the evening helping GothGirl with homework and doing some other tasks.  Here’s a shot from last Friday.  It was Furlough Friday for me, so I let the kids ride the bus home from school since I was going to be there. 

I happened to be out in the far side of the yard taking some photos when the bus arrived.  GothGirl got off and started walking up to the house.  I could see LilCrockett making his way towards the front of the bus, but I guess the driver didn’t see him (and forgot that he was supposed to get off too) because she started to pull away.  She got as far as the driveway to our detached garage when she stopped.  LilCrockett finally got off and looked like he wasn’t worried at all.  Crisis averted (and I’m glad I didn’t have to follow the bus to the next stop to get him!). 

Once they were both off, I made them pose for a photo.  I turned the photo to black and white using The Pioneer Woman B&W Beauty action because both kids had on clothes with a lot of contrasting color and print, which was distracting.  By decreasing the opacity of the action, it brought back some select color giving it a muted, aged look, which I love.


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