12 March 2011

Day 71

Since I missed GothGirl’s volleyball game last week (I took LilCrockett to his basketball game, which was at the same time), I wanted to try to get some more photos of Mia in action.  I had a few OK shots. 

Sadly, GothGirl’s team lost all 4 games this week.  It was nearly a repeat of last week, though this week the scores were closer.  Last week they played a team of 5th grade girls that were one year older than our girls and quite a bit more experienced in volleyball.  They also had some great servers with serves that were nearly impossible to return.  This week it was better but our team still lost.  There are several reasons:

1) Most of the girls on our team are playing volleyball for the first time ever.  They need to learn to go after the ball (some are quite timid with it), become stronger servers, and help their teammates.  Basically, they need to get more aggressive.  I think that will come in time.

2) This league only gives 2 practice sessions before starting the games.  They are allowed 15 minutes of warm-up/practice team before each game but it’s not really enough.  We’re hoping to get the girls together for practice once a week to improve their skills.  It’s hard to improve during the games, especially since the amount of volleying is pretty minimal at this level/age.

Here’s GothGirl getting ready to serve.  She’s a fairly decent server.  Many of the girls still struggle to get it over the net despite serving well in front of the normal serving line.  Consistency is also an issue with our servers, including Mia.  It’s fairly ironic as the team name they gave us is Top Servers! 



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