03 March 2011

Day 62

I got home from work tonight and immediately started cleaning the garage.  It was really a mess from winter with lots of dirt & debris on the floor and some clutter around the edges because it was too cold to really get out and clean it the last few months.  By the time I got done, it was time to take LilCrockett to basketball practice.  Since I’m still trying to figure out how to take better indoor action shots, I took my camera along.  Because it was practice and not a game, I knew the action would be a little slower.  It was to some degree and I felt like my photos were a little better.  Here are a few from the night.

The coach was trying to teach the kids something in this picture.  Notice how all the other kids are standing and listening nicely, while LilCrockett got a wild hair up his wazoo and decided he needed to jump up in the air!  That’s my boy!


At least he’s focusing on the coach a little better in this shot….


And here he is trying to get around his teammate to shoot a basket.  Note that his jersey is flipped to the silver side in this shot as they were having a mini scrimmage.


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