06 March 2011

Day 65

Though this first picture is not stellar or artistic by any stretch of the imagination, it’s beautiful to me.  I woke up this morning to find that my husband and the kids were sorting socks.  This is a first as I’m lucky if I can get anyone besides GothGirl to help, and her help is usually only on rare occasions.  Last night I wrote out chore lists for everyone and this task was on my list.  How sweet to wake up and find that all of them were working together to knock out one of my chores.  Especially when it’s one of the chores I dread the most.  How many different kinds of white socks can one family have?  Anyway, I thought this act of love warranted a photo!


The end of the day was capped by another act of love too.  I never get tired of seeing Crockett reading to our kids.  GothGirl is too old to be read to anymore, so it’s LilCrockett’s turn.  The lighting wasn’t the best for a photo, but it’s still beautiful to me.


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