05 March 2011

Day 64

It’s Saturday, so that means basketball.  GothGirl had a volleyball game as well; but it was at the same time, so Crockett took her.  Meanwhile, I took LilCrockett to his game.  Though he shoots quite a bit, he only made one basket.  So many of his shots hit the rim and bounce off.  He needs to learn to slow down a bit and take better aim rather than just throw it towards the basket.  He does good during practice, but during a game the action is more intense and he feels like he has to shoot it fast or someone will steal the ball away. 

While he was playing, I focused on trying to get some better shots.  This time, I adjusted my ISO higher and there was less blur.  I had expected more grain (which is why I had avoided my highest ISO setting), but it’s not too terrible.  Grain is definitely better than blur.

Here’s LilCrockett guarding his man.


And then attempting another shot at making a basket.


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