04 March 2011

Day 63

While this is not the most stellar picture, I just had to share as it documents a near-daily occurrence at our house now that the weather is getting nicer.  The kids are able to play outside during recess and at Aftercare, so that means more time on the playground.  Can anyone guess what substrate is used on our playground by looking at this picture:


If you guessed pea gravel, then you are correct; though many of the pieces are larger than a pea!  LilCrockett comes home with his shoes full of it.  He does not take after me.  I am like the Princess and the Pea.  I can feel the littlest piece of grit in my shoes, in my bed sheets, etc. and it drives me absolutely crazy.  Yet, he’ll walk around for hours with a bunch of gravel in his shoes.  And this photo was taken on a light day….usually he has a lot more in his shoes than this!  Here’s a close-up.


Another great thing about the nicer weather is that my flowers are starting to pop up.  I love seeing the green stems emerge from the dull, brown earth!  Can’t wait to see my grass green up too.


And last but not least, another benefit of the nicer weather…..kids playing outside.  GothGirl and the neighbor girls were hitting the volleyball and soccer ball around for several hours after school today.  Not only does it help them become better players; but they enhance their friendship, get some exercise, and have fun at the same time.



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