26 August 2011

Day 238

My friend Ann had her baby last week while we were on vacation and I finally got to meet pretty little Abby this morning when I stopped in for a short visit.  Both mom and baby are doing great and starting to get into a routine with dad and the 2 big sisters.  I took my camera along to take a few photos. 

Abby was sleeping when I arrived and I held her for quite awhile as Ann and I chatted.  About the time I suggested we take a few photos, the baby started to wake up.  And sadly, she was not very happy.  It was a challenge getting these few photos and not the session I had envisioned (even though I didn’t have anything elaborate planned).  Since Abby was pretty fussy, mom had to hold her the entire time so our poses were really limited.  Should I decide to get into newborn photography, I’ve need to remember to shoot (at least some photos anyway) while the baby is sleeping.  They are typically much more cooperative with poses while dozing than awake. 

Here are a few SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) shots.






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