06 August 2011

Day 217

It was time for our annual family reunion this afternoon, so we made the short trip to the town where it is held.  Most of the day was spent inside the hall that we had rented due to the heat.  Sadly the lighting was pretty poor so the photos I took are not that stellar.  We did venture out a bit and the photos I took outside were so much better.  The reunion is held in a local park and there happened to be a hawk flying around.  He would swoop all around the outside of the hall.  At one point, he flew into a nearby tree with the bird he had caught, where he proceeded to rip it apart.  You could see the bird’s feathers floating down from the sky.  Several of us stood under the tree and he didn’t mind a bit.

Here’s his tail end…


And now his front end…


This is my cousin’s grandson.  He just turned 2 and was the youngest at the reunion.  The best part is that I captured him with his tongue hanging out.  Check out his cute mohawk haircut!  Remember this haircut as it will come up again in a future post! 


A cousin making some sidewalk chalk art…

LilCrockett and 2 of his distant cousins making some sidewalk chalk art…


LilCrockett, GothGirl, and Crockett playing ball in the next few photos..




Crockett & GothGirl taking a break…


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