02 August 2011

Day 213

During the summer months, we carpool with another family to get our kids to and from summer care.  It’s just our 2 kids and a little girl from the other family who also happens to have been in LilCrockett’s kindergarten class last school year.  LilCrockett and A act a lot like brother and sister.  They argue constantly since they are both head strong and won’t give in.  So it was a rare moment when the 2 of them were sitting on the couch this morning before Crockett left to take them to summer care.  I had to get a few photos.

Here they are unaware that I am snapping their picture.  A is watching LilCrockett color a booklet.


Here they are with some genuine smiles.


And here they are with the not-so-genuine, hurry-up-and-finish-with-the-photos-already smiles.


Little cuties!

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