07 August 2011

Day 218, part 1

Remember my little cousin in yesterday’s post?  The one with a mohawk.  Well, LilCrockett decided that he wanted a mohawk too.  Since school doesn’t start for 2 weeks and it will be awhile before school pictures are taken, I agreed to let him do it.  Crockett grabbed his clippers and got to work.  I have to admit that once he made that first cut, I had second thoughts about the whole thing.  LilCrockett has such gorgeous hair.  Oh well.  It will grow back.  Here are a couple of pics during the process.



And then the final product after we applied some gel and spiked it up.



And later that night making tough faces in the mirror…


At first he really loved it.  But then he thought maybe the other kids would make fun of him for being bald on the sides.  I think he was expecting to have super short hair on the sides plus the mohawk.  We told him it would grow back and he seemed better about it, though he only really likes it when it’s spiked up.  I feel the same way.  When it’s flat, it looks sort of like a mullet or a horse’s mane.  Definitely looks much cooler spiked up. 

During the afternoon, the kids got out the marbles that our cousins had given them a few weeks back and Crockett showed them how to shoot marbles.  They were all having a lot of fun, though GothGirl was frustrated that she couldn’t aim well.  I had fun watching them play such a simple, old time game.  Felix enjoyed watching too though I couldn’t get a decent picture of him going after a wayward marble.  Darn! 



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