09 August 2011

Day 220

After work, I was a busy bee with a variety of tasks: cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, laundry, picking up the house, helping take out the trash, checking LilCrockett’s summer homework sheets, etc.  And then I took the kids out for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  When we got back, a couple of the neighbor kids came over to play with LilCrockett in the backyard while I updated some blog posts on my laptop outside.  Thus, I was a little too busy to get out the camera.  I did snap a photo with my iPhone today.  I was leaving a framing store in town and looked up to see the most beautiful blue sky and perfect, fluffy clouds.  My phone was the only camera around.  Personally, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the photos that my phone takes, especially in natural light.


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