10 August 2011

Day 221

All photos from today were taken with my iPhone.

I wanted to get a few more pictures of LilCrockett’s mohawk since I’m not sure how long he’ll want to keep it. 



After work tonight, I took GothGirl to a friend’s house, where she had 2 feathers put in her hair.  She ended up picking a solid turquoise one and a black/turquoise striped one and wanted them put on the same piece of hair.  Hair feathers are the current trend in our town, but one that I actually like.  The local salons & jewelry places charge $15 per feather, but our friend’s daughter does it for nearly half that price.  Besides saving money, it’s done by someone we know and like.

The feathers themselves are nearly like a piece of hair.  You can wash them, curl them, etc. and they usually last for several months or so, depending on how fast your hair grows.  Too bad they didn’t have these when I was a girl, though I’m not too old to get one now.  They do make some that aren’t dyed, so they would appear more natural in the hair. 


I think they look great with her dark hair and the turquoise matches the turquoise interior of her glasses.  I’ll try to get a shot with my Canon in better lighting sometime so it’s more noticeable. 



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