21 August 2011

Day 233

Since it was the day before school starts here, we spent our time hanging out and making sure everything was ready to go (school supplies, backpacks ready, first day outfits picked out) in order to make the first morning run smoothly.  Or as smooth as possible anyway! 

In the afternoon, GothGirl and I went to the nail salon to get our toes painted.  It was her first time going to a salon, except for once when she was little (but she doesn’t remember it).  I never wanted to pay the money for someone else to paint her nails since she could hardly go a few hours without getting a chip.  Now that she’s older, I think it will last a little longer.  And I wanted to treat her before her first day of school.

My chair was just behind hers and while she was looking at the guy doing her toes, I activated her massage chair remote control.  The chair started vibrating and she whipped her head around at me to see what was going on!  She opted for extra designs on her toes, so I was done before her.  This allowed me to snap a picture of her though with my iphone.  The pics I had taken of her while I was in my chair were super blurry due to the vibrating, massage action.


And the finished product!  GothGirl has the blue & white tiger striped toes.  So pretty.  Though she will never be a foot model due to the large scar on her left big toe.  She cut her foot on some metal a few years ago and it was nearly all the way to the bone.  They stitched it up well, but her skin has a tendency to produce hypertrophic (enlarged) scars just like her Crockett’s does.  My toe nails were a little shorter than I would have liked, but the nails on my big toe split causing me to have to cut them down.  Oh toes are a funky thing, aren’t they?!!


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