24 August 2011

Day 236

We’ve been battling with the IRS over our taxes since May with them claiming we still owed them money.  While we were on vacation, we got a letter saying that they were going to seize our assets if we did not contact them by today or pay in full.  We sent them a certified letter one month ago stating that we would be glad to pay taxes if they are owed; but considering the fact that they screwed up our original return by failing to key in our 2 dependents, we asked them to provide us with documentation on why we still owed them money.  But we’ve received nothing from them.  So since the letter arrived, I took the morning off to call and chew them out.  After a 45 minute wait, I finally got through to a person and luckily, she was so sweet and helpful. I think we’ve discovered the problem (2 more errors on their part) and hopefully this will be resolved soon. 

While I was on the phone, I opened up the dishwasher door to let the dishes air dry a bit as there was still some water droplets on them.  When I looked over a bit later, this is what I saw.  Oh, such cuteness!  I think this photo also illustrates how big Felix is getting as this is a standard size dishwasher.


After school tonight, I picked up a pizza and breadsticks and then went to get the kids at after care.  Once we got home, we ate and the kids went off in separate directions while I cleaned up the kitchen and such.  A bit later, LilCrockett came out looking like this:



A short-sleeve Packers jersey layered over a long-sleeve Blackhawks jersey, which is layered over his t-shirt coupled with pants over his shorts.  And nothing sets off an ensemble of this quality quite like chip clips randomly clipped to your clothes and mouth!  Now before you call Child Protective Services, just remember that he did this to himself.  There are no words for my goofy boy!

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