15 August 2011

Day 226

GothGirl and I slept in a bit since we got back so late from the concert last night.  Well, I didn’t really sleep so much as tossed and turned.  I drank a soda at the concert and I think the caffeine and the excitement of the evening made sleep next to impossible.  We set out at around 9:00am for my mom’s camper near Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri, where we planned to spend the rest of our vacation.  My mom and stepdad first started bringing us down here back when I was in high school and though he passed away in 1998, my mom still loves coming down (as do we).  I’m glad that my brother and I can share the area with our kids as well.

We made our traditional stop at the Krispy Kreme just outside of St. Louis.  We don’t have one by us, so getting a donut fresh off the assembly line is a treat.  Photos taken with my iPhone. 



I wish I could say that the 3 hour drive from my mom’s house to her camper was quick and fun, but the truth is that LilCrockett threw a temper tantrum for a lot of the ride.  And it wasn’t due to the sugar in the donuts as neither he nor GothGirl like hot Krispy Kremes…..they only like them when they are a day or two old.  Crazy I know.  Crockett and I love them hot.  Anyway, we finally arrived at the camper and set about unloading the car and moving our stuff into the camper.  Then Crockett installed a new step off the back of my mom’s deck while GothGirl put together a new wrought-iron table that we had purchased for my mom.  LilCrockett decided that the donuts were now fit to eat, so he had one while he “supervised”.  Crazy kid.




It was raining before we were even finished, so we hung out in the camper for a bit before deciding that we would take a drive through the State Park to look at the trout stream.  There is a mini rapids area at one point on the river that is so pretty and picture-worthy so I got out for a few shots.  The rainy, dreary day was also resulting in some cool fog on the water.  It also meant that there were few people fishing in the stream, which is a rarity. 





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