16 August 2011

Day 227

On Day 3 of our vacation, we woke to some heavy rain.  We ate breakfast and hung out in the camper awhile hoping that the weather would break.  After a couple of hours and a detailed check of The Weather Channel, we discovered that the rain was going to stick around a bit.  So we decided to drive the 45 minutes to Lake-of-the-Ozarks to shop at the outlet mall in Osage Beach.  Once we arrived, we stopped in a few stores but eventually realized that the outlet mall was not the best choice with kids in tow.  To find the deals, you really need to look around and that’s next to impossible with LilCrockett, especially without him bugging you to get something.  And to make matters worse, there are no true toy stores there.  We visited a few more stores and then went for lunch at Wendy’s.  Afterwards, we stopped in at Cold Stone Creamery for some of their yummy ice cream, followed by a quick trip into WalMart for some supplies, and the drive back to the camper. 

By now the rain had stopped, so Crockett elected to go fishing down at the trout stream.  The kids and I stayed at the campground to swim (just the kids, not me).  Note GothGirl’s expression as she started to get in the cold water! 


Rather than ease in, LilCrockett opted to jump in all at once.


And before we left, I had them pose for a photo together so that I would have at least one of the two of them before trip's end.


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