19 August 2011

Day 230

We ate at the campground diner again this morning.  It’s such a cute little place.



Then we decided to drive to nearby Lead Mine, a Mennonite community.  Here’s LilCrockett watching a movie in my mom’s van on the way over.


And a photo of a Mennonite couple on horse and buggy is below.  It was taken through the front window of the van.  The couple was on their way to a local produce auction.  We saw lots of buggies, as well as bicyclists, all converging to the same building from different areas with produce in tow. We stopped at the general store (I was amazed at how much stuff they had) and a roadside bakery to purchase a few things but mainly just drove around the community.  My mom and I were thinking that the Mennonite community frowns on photography, so I didn’t take any photos when it was obvious as I wanted to be respectful.  Maybe next time I’ll have the opportunity to take a few more. 


After our little trip, we went back to the camper to pack a lunch and our swimming gear so that we could spend the afternoon at the swimming hole we had found the day before.  On the way there, we came across a turtle crossing the gravel road.  Of course my kids wanted to see him.




When we got there, Crockett showed LilCrockett how to skip rocks on the water while GothGirl hunted for small critters and mom and I saw in chairs in the water.



Then it was time for lunch.



We spent a few more hours at the swimming hole and then went back to the camper for to relax and eat dinner.  Sadly, we also had to start packing up our stuff to go home the next morning.

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