08 August 2011

Day 219

Crockett played catch in the backyard with LilCrockett tonight.  He needed some practice.  We found a fall coach pitch league for him to play in this fall, so he won’t lose all his baseball skills by the spring.  Fortunately many of the boys from his team this spring will be playing on his team in the fall and he will have the same coach.  He’s very excited and I’m glad he’ll be able to focus on 2 sports (baseball in the spring and fall, basketball in the winter) rather than adding a 3rd sport to his schedule.



Not long after they finished, I glimpsed the most gorgeous sunset outside and grabbed my camera for some shots.  Look at those purples and pinks!  Normally I can’t get those deep colors in my photos, but I used a new metering tip that I learned from the Understanding Exposure book by Bryan Peterson.  Lovely!


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